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by Donna Carlson
Women, Wine & Leadership

#85 Dr. Gina Johnson on things you need to know about total health management in COVID 19


I met Dr. Gina Johnson at an Ellevate Network happy hour in Bellevue, Washington. We bonded over Pinot Noir before we bonded over integrative health. Gina provides personalized lifestyle / functional medicine on the phone. Her virtual telemedicine clinic and concierge service helps people optimize and manage their total health. This interview comes at a perfect time to provide strategies during the stay-home mandate. 

Here's the short list:

#1 Avoid the virus. Stay home.

#2 Wash hands, don't touch your face.

#3 Recognize the word vulnerable encompasses more than just elders

Here are a few signs your immune system is not well

  • You get sick frequently.
  • You can say "yes" on lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, vaping, poor diet.
  • You have a medical condition like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, even sinus infections.

Gina shares how to be the curator of your own health and what to watch for before you call the doctor during this pandemic. Most importantly, if you have symptoms, call your doc. If you have difficulty breathing, call 911.

Listen for more details and Gina's own strategies for staying sane in the shut in. If you want to contact Gina, go to https://www.vitalmindbody.com/or connect on Facebook. If you live in Bellevue and you want to support a local business, order dinner from https://www.cepae.com/ tonight.


Episode 85

by Donna Carlson