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by Donna Carlson
Women, Wine & Leadership

#95 Being your Best Self with Dr. Marla


Dr. Marla Richard incorporates the latest in neuroscience, evidence-based practices of psychopharmacology and western medicine, interpersonal neurobiology, and the Enneagram to help individuals, groups and professionals to become their “best self”. She's a board-certified, Stanford-trained psychiatrist with a specialization in an integrated health paradigm using, traditional psychopharmacology, equine rehabilitative therapy, and interpersonal neurobiology practices.

"Integration is a key factor to health. I help balance all centers from your physical health exploring diet, exercise/movement, stress and disease management. Mental health focusing on building flexibility and mindfulness. Spiritually to honor the differences of those we love, live and work with to offer kindness and compassion. All so that we can rest peacefully, play with joy and work with gusto!"

She currently practices clinical geriatric psychiatry at UC San Diego and is building a program to take her wisdom to the world. You can contact Dr. Marla at drmarlarichard.com


Episode 95

by Donna Carlson