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by Donna Carlson
Women, Wine & Leadership

#96 Mia Hewett on aligned intelligence, living the life you were made for


What a way to start the day! I am just blessed beyond words to meet Mia Hewett and share this conversation with you. Mia helps you to confidently create your own reality by accessing your innate power, shift your self-image, and clear the misconceptions and misunderstandings that have been getting in your way. We use all the same words about alignment of your head and heart to create synergy... but what I love most is that she uses her own story to talk about the traps in our heads that keep women from breaking the million dollar barrier in business. She talks about when she broke the million dollar barrier and asked herself, "Is this all?" 

You will want her free book. 

Go to http://miameantformorebook.com/

Password: Freebook

Learn more about Mia at https://www.miahewett.com/


Episode 96

by Donna Carlson