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by Donna Carlson
Women, Wine & Leadership

#97 Karen Brown on velocity for your life and leadership


Karen Brown sat in front of the TV in 1982 in tears, jarred emotionally by the performance of a woman in the Ironman triathalon. Why the tears? "Wasted potential," she told me. She had convinced herself this level of achievement was outside of her grasp. For 28 years she repeated the same pattern, talking herself out of realizing a future that was already hers if she would just own it. 

It was in a business class where she learned about human behavior patterns that the clouds parted and the angels sang. In her 40s, she learned how to transform limiting beliefs to unlimited beliefs. Our unconscious beliefs run 150,000 mph, processing 2 billion bits per day. We think that we're making sound conscious decisions, but the conscious mind contributes .006%.

Karen did hire a coach and train for the Ironman at 48, then she entered the Ultraman. I asked her how much of her life she had to reorder to train for these events. "Everything," she said. Training transformed how she planned her day, how she handled e-mail, how she ran her team as a CEO. It impacted everything and she was already operating at a pretty high index. This experience led her to create a coaching experience that would add the same velocity for you and me.

“On my journey to the Ironman World Championships as an amateur athlete,” explains Karen Brown, “I discovered that the key to greater performance and effectiveness lies in identifying and addressing blind spots – repeated behavioral patterns that impede success. Using a professional coach and neurolinguistics as a tool, I achieved astounding results.” The scientifically proven Velocity Power Pathways™ approach uses ground-breaking neuroscience techniques to help executives become more effective and impactful leaders, opening unconscious blocks in order to create new and lasting neural pathways to success.

You can access more resources at a special page she created for you:

When she's not training, she does enjoy a good red wine, especially a Barolo from Italy, but she's formed a new taste for a high quality, lower calorie tequila these days. Hey, we're all about strategies! Grab a friend and enjoy this conversation with Karen.


Episode 97

by Donna Carlson