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by Donna Carlson
Women, Wine & Leadership

Peace in the Pandemic Special Feature: Emilie Perz with online yoga


Emilie is a yoga instructor who, like me, started practicing yoga to cope with trauma in her life - her father's death. I love a term she used in our interview. She's tuning into radical acceptance of this current pandemic and the resulting isolation. Our response has to be radical because there's no place for this in our experience, no category in our mind's filing cabinet. That's why Emilie stayed up all night figuring out how to provide her yoga classes online, so she can create community for herself and her students.

" It wasn't until I was introduced to yoga that I realized that  the only way to release fear and anxiety was to find comfort in your own company. Learning to be with myself was actually the freedom I needed to not live from a place of worry and doubt. If I could truly love my own life then I wouldn't be so fearful of what happened or didn't happen to me, but I'd be able to ride the wave gracefully."

You can access her class schedule at https://www.emilieperzyoga.com/

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Episode 319

by Donna Carlson