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by Laura Kuimba Yu
WomenWILL: Women In Leadership Limelight

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Episode #000— Welcome to the WomenWILL Podcast with Laura Kuimba. 

In this series of Women in Leadership Limelight, successful women leaders share their stories of leadership, growth and self-discovery with insight, experiences and ways of thinking across different segments of business, industry and society.

If you’re an ambitious woman who wants to live larger, dream bigger, blaze trails and manifest your destiny, these conversations will inspire you with new insights and fresh perspectives.

Podcast guests include:

- Dr. Fern Kazlow: New York licensed clinical psychotherapist, speaker, author, business and branding consultant, and mentor to high performers. Dr. K is a pioneering leader in integrative, holistic approaches to business and mind-body health since the mid-1970’s.

- Heather Joy Bassett: World Champion in Lacrosse, Master of the scalpel in Podiatry for 35 years, author, speaker, and founder of the SPRUTH movement, Heather has great insights into people, teams and business.

- Marisa Peer: A world-renowned speaker, therapist, and best-selling author with 30 years of experience working with clients around the world. Her Mastermind Your Life series focuses on addressing thought patterns and mental habits for success.

- Sadie Hess: Driven to help people with disabilities pursue their dreams, direction & destiny, Sadie founded Compass in 1996 to provide supported and independent living services, and currently has 650 employees and 8 office locations across California.

Suganya Sudananthan: Vice President, Managing Director’s Office at Khazanah Nasional Berhad, supporting relationships with key stakeholders including government ministries and agencies, maintaining the stakeholder map, and executing stakeholder communications policies.

- Datin Wira Goh Suet Lan: President of Women of Will, an NGO empowering women living in poverty in Malaysia to develop self-sustaining financial independence, she is an avid supporter of women’s causes, volunteering in various capacities across Malaysia, Canada, South Africa & Nepal for nearly 20 years.

- Jaana Nykänen: CEO of Divine Robot, an award-winning digital software agency & game producer of projects ranging from technically complex systems with millions of users worldwide to gamified VR experiences, web games and app games.

- Dr. Kavita Pandit: Professor of Geosciences, Senior Advisor to the Provost, Georgia State University. Awarded PSG Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to population geography and migration research & named AAG Fellow in 2018. Published extensively in geography and interdisciplinary journals.


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Craft your own path to achieving your destiny through deeper self-awareness, clearing self-saboteurs, unlocking an empowered mindset and healthy beliefs, developing individual success skills, and building your team or organisation, so that you can make a bigger impact and live a powerful legacy.    

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by Laura Kuimba Yu