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by Colin Campbell
Working A Refugee Crisis: Jordan

Episode 3: Lorenz Wild (Mercy Corps) strategizes and helps facilitate economic & market development and livelihoods opportunities in Jordan


For our third episode of the podcast we have an engaging conversation with Lorenz Wild, the Director of Economic Opportunities and Market Development at the American-based INGO Mercy Corps. We talk about empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses, issues that stem from a dependence on imports and exports, funding needs, and business regulations in Jordan. Plus, we touch on hiking the variety of incredible wadis (ie valleys) of the country, the lack of games in bars, and life in Jordan vs. Ethiopia.

Please NOTE that Lorenz's interview represents his personal experiences and views, not the official stances of the Mercy Corps organization. For more information about the organization, please visit www.mercycorps.org.



by Colin Campbell