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Working Hard, Hardly Working

Ep. 73 The Blueprint For Building An 8 Figure Business On Social Media With Luxe Collective’s Ben Gallagher

Working Hard, Hardly Working
Working Hard, Hardly Working

Ben Gallagher has built a multi-million-pound fashion business at the age of 23. You might not have heard of his name, but if you’re on TikTok, I can guarantee you’ll have seen his encyclopaedic videos on the fashion industry. 

Growing up in Formby near Liverpool, Ben recounts how he always wanted to keep up with his friends who had the latest designer pieces, but he couldn’t afford them. After seeing the discounts on pre-loved items, he and his brother started a consignment shop in Liverpool.

Now, just 5 years later, Luxe Collective turns over millions each year and has just received investment from Steven Bartlett after they came out on top on Dragon’s Den. Last year they gained over 950k followers on Luxe Collective's social platforms, and I'm so grateful to Ben for sharing the secrets of their strategy.

I really hope you enjoy listening.

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Working Hard, Hardly Working
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