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Working Hard, Hardly Working

Ep. 83 Why The First 5 Minutes Of Your Day Are The Most Important With Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Working Hard, Hardly Working
Working Hard, Hardly Working

Dr Rangan Chatterjee has always been on my ‘dream guests’ list for this podcast for years. He is one of the most influential doctors in the UK, having practised for over 20 years and dedicated his career to how we can improve our health and our happiness before we need to head to the doctor’s surgery. He’s the author of 5 Sunday Times bestselling books about happiness & productivity and over a million people listen to his podcast every week.

I’ll be totally honest, going into this recording I aimed to get as much actionable advice for you as possible, and he really was full of wisdom. So make sure you listen right to the end so you don’t miss anything.


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Working Hard, Hardly Working
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