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by Paul D. Lowe
World Game-Changers

The Language Of Winning (5/5) - Paul D. Lowe & Peter Lowe


Paul is joined by returning guest Peter Lowe for the fifth and final instalment in a mini-series based around Peter’s book, ‘The Language of Winning’. This episode looks at the Chapters ‘Managing the Obstacles to Success’ and ‘Move to Improve’. Peter covers certain areas that he thinks are a consideration when it comes to achieving success including not being afraid of, as well as our attitude to, defeat or failure, managing success, leadership negativity and expectations, changing mindsets. He finishes on looking at consistently challenging yourself and your business to keep innovating and creating higher standards to stay at the top and create higher and higher standards. KEY TAKEAWAYS The danger, when you’re doing well, is to want to continue to do well and we don’t think of the things we have to do to maintain that success. It’s not just about earning success, it’s about planning for it because if you’re not planning you can bet your bottom dollar your competitors will be. One of the things that experience tells you is the difference between unplanned events – what I can catastrophes or thunderbolts – or just old-fashioned poor leadership. That creates failure through fear. Allowing self-adulation brought about through over-celebration of success as a team. The influence of people inside an environment is automatically weakened when they perceive that a leader’s mindset, when failure occurs, is one of looking for blame. There is only a language of winning when we determine that where we are isn’t good enough anymore. Competitors will catch us up, so we have to have a mindset of evolution. You have to look to up the ante by using your experience, knowledge and information to create higher standards. BEST MOMENTS ‘In failure is your next success, you just need to look for it.’ ‘Consistently celebrating a success is a bad thing, move on or it creates an abyss.’ ‘Reflection at any time (success or failure) is critical. But reflect with a purpose.’ ‘One has to adapt and create change.’ VALUABLE RESOURCES Paul’s Story: Emerging From The Forest (UK): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Emerging-Forest-Pain-Purpose-Mastering/dp/1719373272 Paul’s Story: Emerging From The Forest (USA): https://www.amazon.com/Emerging-Forest-Pain-Purpose-Mastering/dp/1719373272 Mastering The Game Of Life Book (UK): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mastering-Game-Life-Paul-Lowe/dp/1782227679 Mastering The Game Of Life Book (USA): https://www.amazon.com/Mastering-Game-Life-Paul-Lowe/dp/1782227679 Speaking From Our Hearts Books: Volumes 1-3 (Available on Amazon) World Game-Changers Group ABOUT THE GUEST Peter is a leadership and expert in the creation of the High Performance Culture, and the creator of First Team Ltd. As a professional speaker and thought-leader on the global circuit, Pete draws on his experience of the high performance environment of Premier League football to help businesses to create and sustain a culture of success. He proves that there are startling similarities between the pitch and the boardroom. Pete’s track-record includes more than 13 years in a senior role at Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), where he was responsible for helping to develop an unrivalled talent pipeline that created 39 first team footballers, and 25 full international players over a ten year period. The team’s trophy cabinet was testament to this success. Understanding how people tick and how to help them realise their potential was instrumental to his career at MCFC. A man who speaks from the heart using real life insights, Pete believes that culture must support strategy and leaders create leaders, not followers. www.petelowe.com ABOUT THE HOST Paul has made a remarkable transformation from existing for many years in dark, desperate despair; to now living a really healthy, happy and fulfilling life. From an early age, he was in the vice-like clutches of the demon drink and constantly embroiled within a dark cocktail of toxic beliefs, self-hate and destructive violence. Along with his empathetic and dedicated team of world-class coaches and mentors, Paul’s purpose is deeply transformational: Developing World Game-Changers… He is extremely passionate about helping others to find their purpose, have a voice and ultimately, make a real difference. This has been built on a long and distinguished history of heart-centred coaching and mentoring. He has also been responsible for raising significant amounts of funds for many charities and good causes around the world; positively impacting and inspiring thousands of children – mainly from challenging backgrounds – within the UK & worldwide. Through this World Game-Changers podcast and books, he has been involved in – including being a best-selling co-author – Paul also helps others to get their own inspirational messages and stories out into the world; as well as offering support to many charitable organisations, in their development & fund-raising. CONTACT METHODS Tel: +44 (0) 7958 042 155 E-mail: Paul@Paul-Lowe.com Web: https://www.Paul-Lowe.com Web: https://www.worldgamechangers.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IamPaulLowe/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-d-lowe-7a78332a/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Episode 398

by Paul D. Lowe