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by Rachelle LaNae
Wreck Your Perfection

Building Identity and Emotional Resilience with Patricia Grgurovic


Today's episode of WYP is with Patricia Grgurovic. Patricia moved to MN from the Philippines at the age of 7. She has worked as a high school counselor, a day treatment psychotherapist, an equity specialist, and a systemic family therapist. She is also a national SEED project leader and is passionate about educational equity. In this interview the biggest part of our conversation is about building emotional resilience and why so many kids and adults are losing our resiliency. Patricia also shares about digging deep into her own identity as a Philippino-American, why it’s important to learn about your ancestry whether you are BIPOC or you are white, and how we can learn to listen to each other and walk through grief together.

Some resources mentioned in the episode: 

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda's Ted Talk (this wasn't mentioned but it is AMAZING)

National SEED Project

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by Rachelle LaNae