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by Rachelle LaNae
Wreck Your Perfection

Choosing Who We Become with Travis Daigle


On today's episode of Wreck Your Perfection, I have the privilege of speaking with Travis Daigle. Travis is a writer who is fascinated with how we solve problems in everyday life. I came across his Tedx Talk that he gave in 2018, where he shares his incredibly powerful story and in it he reveals how he was able to transform his pain into strength and resilience. He shares insights about the power of determination, how to overcome deeply held limiting beliefs, and how to find the courage to define success on your own terms. I learned so much from our talk, and I know you’re going to love what he has to say. Just a quick heads up that we do talk about weight loss and if that is a trigger for you, you might want to skip this episode.

To get more of Travis Daigle and to follow his blog, visit https://travisdaigle.com/

Recommended reading for those who want to work towards anti-racism: Stamped From the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi and 'me and white supremacy' by Layla F. Saad

Spend your dollars thoughtfully, and consider how you can support your local black-owned businesses. Official Black Wall Street is a great place to start, and they also have an app!

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Thank you for listening; my wish for us in our actions and conversations this week is to be well, fail big, and go wreck our perfection!

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Episode 7

Season 2

by Rachelle LaNae