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by Rachelle LaNae
Wreck Your Perfection

My Journey With Perfectionism


Welcome to Season 3 of WYP! On today's episode, I share my story about how perfectionism has impacted me from childhood until now, how I realized I was a perfectionist and what that turning point looked like, and how I have learned to wreck my own perfectionism one baby step at a time by consistently doing things that scare the living SHIT out of me. Recording this episode included! As always, I want to hear from you on what you're struggling with and in what ways you need support so that I can show up for you in the best way possible. DM me @rachelle.lanae or @wreckyourperfection, or email me at rachelle@wreckyourperfection.com. I'd also love to hear your wins and find out how you're wrecking your perfection! If you want to hear more songs like the one at the end of the episode, you can check out my EP 'Taking Back Me' on Spotify/Apple Music. 

Some of my favorite resources that have helped me in my perfectionism recovery:

Anything by Brene Brown (she has more but these are the ones I've read, some of them multiple times): The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Dare To Lead, and I Thought It Was Just Me. Also her Ted Talk on The Power of Vulnerability. 

Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. This one is awesome if you're looking to get more creativity into your life. 

Mindset by Carol Dweck. Consistently working to change from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset in all areas of life is, I believe, the work that us perfectionists have to do. Perfectionism and fixed mindset go hand-in-hand.

Life Coaching. I was introduced to life coaching at a pivotal time a few years back, and it helped me transform in so many areas. I am now addicted to getting coaching because it's brought me to do things I never thought possible. There are tons of amazing life coaches out there, and I encourage you to find one who's a good fit for you. If you want to work with someone who can help you wreck your perfection, I'm also available as a certified professional coach. You can book a free consultation on my website. 

THERAPY. This is the big one, folks. If you have trauma of any kind, it's never too late to seek out help. As a perfectionist, it honestly took me until this year to even realize that I have anxiety, and that's a big part of how my perfectionism plays out. If therapy is not an option for you due to affordability, Open Path offers discounted rates ($30-60/hr).

See you next week! Be well, fail big, and go wreck your perfection.

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