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by Christina Kaye
Write Your Best Book

Bringing Your Setting to Life (with Amy Reichert)


The setting of your book should be a character in and of itself. It should speak to the reader, showing (not telling) them exactly where the protagonist is at any given moment, and if written properly, it should transport the reader wherever you want them to imagine themselves. But how do we effectively bring our setting to life without info dumping or over describing every detail? On this week’s episode, that’s exactly what we’re discussing!

In this episode, you will:

· Learn why it’s important to have a beautifully described setting

· Learn ways to describe your setting in a way that brings it to life

· Learn how to avoid info dumping, especially at the beginning of your book

· Learn ways to use more than just visual clues to describe setting

Hosts & Guests

Host – Christina Kaye

Guest Host –Bestselling Author Amy Reichert

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Episode 65

by Christina Kaye