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by Christina Kaye
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Episode 66 - Creating an Easy to Follow Timeline


One crucial element of a great novel that doesn’t get as much attention as characters, plot, and setting is your timeline. But a coherent, easy to follow timeline is crucial to your reader’s enjoyment of your story. If the timeline is wonky or hard to follow, readers will likely get frustrated, confused, and eventually, they’ll give up and put the book down – something no author ever wants! But how do we create and maintain a proper timeline to avoid this? That’s exactly what we are discussing on this week’s episode!

In this episode, you will:

· Learn why it’s important to have a coherent timeline

· Learn ways to tackle dueling timelines

· Learn how to write timelines and still divulge backstory

· Learn other ways to reveal backstory aside from flashbacks

Hosts & Guests

Host – Christina Kaye

Guest Host –Bestselling Author Sonali Dev

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Episode 66

by Christina Kaye