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by thexsarashow
Xsara's Xtra

Xsara's Xtra- #3 Lemzi Takeover


East London Leytonstone rapper Lemzi chooses the songs and takes over the show!

He speaks to Xsara about taking risks to pursue his music career, overcoming fear of failure and his workshops aiming to inspire youth and tackle violence

Music from:

1. Wyllis- Baka! Boom
2. Lemzi- That's The Code
3. Nas- Purple
4. Lemzi- B.O.T.S
5. Kano- Layer Cake


6. Jill Scott- A Long Walk
7. Lemzi- W.O.D.A.T
8. Alicia Keys- Butterflies
9. Kendrick Lamar- Sing About Me
10. Hunger- Ferns

Sponsors: AIM (The Association Of Independent Music) and IK Multimedia


Episode 3

Season 1

by thexsarashow