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by Breezy Bree
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Intro to Yoga: Session 4 Root to Rise, Neutralizing & Stability in Yoga


Session #4 I’m excited for this lesson! We practice understanding OUR body in time & space. Learning to understand the concept of “Root to Rise”, neutralizing our spine and pelvis. As well as stabilizing our body throughout our practice. We breakdown Mountain Pose (Tadasana)as it is fundamental to all standing postures. Recorded via Zoom for my private online Yoga 101 students and shared with Yoga Podcast listeners! Stay tuned weekly for Yoga 101 Sessions! 🧘‍♀️🧘🏾 Intro to Yoga: Session 1 - Yoga 101 Lecture Only https://www.lovebreezybreeyoga.com/podcast/episode/b3db0c75/intro-to-yoga-session-1-lecture-only Intro to Yoga: Session 2 - Yoga 101 Lecture & Practice: Learn why Table Top & Down Dog are fundamental poses https://www.lovebreezybreeyoga.com/podcast/episode/2e0dd0b4/intro-to-yoga-session-2-learn-why-tabletop-and-down-dog-are-fundamental-poses Intro to Yoga: Session 3 - Yoga 101 Lecture & Practice: Foundational Transitions in Flows. With a focus on Down Dog Transitions & Chataranga https://www.lovebreezybreeyoga.com/podcast/episode/19a9e1d9/intro-to-yoga-session-3-foundational-transitions-in-flows-practice I’m excited to kick off a series of episodes designed with the yoga beginner in mind! The goal is to practice! Not just listen! I’ve been teaching Yoga 101 workshops for the last few years, and by far it’s one of my favorite topics to teach. Remembering why I started on my journey on and off of the mat has allowed me to continue to want to share my experiences with you. I hope this new series gives you the confidence to begin on your personal practice as a lifelong student! Thank you to my Lululemon Collective partnership, Yoga Podcast has earned over $25,000 for those who are suffering from Trauma! Thank you for listening! Namaste💫 Thanks for listening!!! Be the ☀️ All the (FREE) Intro Series Episodes in one place! Check out the link below! 💎 https://www.lovebreezybreeyoga.com/post/yoga-10-the-intro-series-on-yoga-podcast ⭐️Listen to the Audio Class or Watch the free Video Class on YouTube!⭐️ —-> https://youtu.be/CL6v-lAOIL8 🧘‍♀️🎧Pick a Class & Press Play! NEW FEATURE *See Below* https://www.lovebreezybreeyoga.com/audio-yoga-classes Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletters! I want to remind students that yoga meets you on the mat! Listen & continue on your journey to master a personal yoga practice! “TRUE WISDOM IS THE INNER CONTEMPLATION OF SELF” Email me or find me on IG: @yogapodcast @lovebreezybree Sponsored by Lululemon #thesweatlife #ad Visit www.lovebreezybreeyoga.com/lululemon-influencer Breezy Bree, Lululemon Influencer www.lululemon.com Breezy Bree, Yoga Teacher E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP® + 500 HR IAYT Yoga Therapeutics & Trauma-Informed Yoga 100 HR Rocket Yoga NAMASTE! Check out my FREE yoga sequences on my website! Looking for something a bit more tailored to your needs? I offer customized yoga sequences. Contact me today for more info! bree@lovebreezybreeyoga.com www.lovebreezybreeyoga.com ---> Did you know you can listen on Spotify & Stitcher & now iTunes? Download the Apps today & never miss an episode. Don’t forget to check out my new Yoga Pose Breakdown series and FREE Yoga Classes recorded during live studio practices for your personal practice, just listen & practice! Please rate this podcast with ALL the stars and move this podcast up the rankings so others will find it! I greatly appreciate it! Consult medical advisement before beginning any exercise regimen including yoga. Love, Breezy Bree Yoga LLC Resource Credit: n/a --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/yogapodcast/message



by Breezy Bree