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You and Me and BPD

Convo w/ Alicen - Favourite Person Continued


In this episode, I sit down with Alicen - @alicenricard on instagram - who is one of the co-hosts of the Not Enough Spoons podcast. Alicen wrote an article called "To Those Who Don't Understand My Favourite Person Relationship (2020)" which I found when I was researching my Favourite Person episode from a while ago. I reached out to Alicen in May and asked her to be a part of the podcast so we could further discuss what a Favourite Person is and how to navigate this often intense relationship. I am so thankful to Alicen for sharing her time and experiences with me during this conversation. If you want to reach out to her, you can get in contact through the Not Enough Spoons Podcast page on instagram or message her directly. As always, I am sending you so much loving energy and hope that you gain some insight through this episode. If you want to be a guest or have any questions/comments, feel free to message me @journey.bound on instagram.