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by Lilya Sabatier
You, Me & US

#2: Me, Vulnerable, from being someone's person to a stranger


In this 2nd episode of You,Me&Us, I'll be continuing my contemplations on love & relationships. I get candid with you, a little vulnerable and raw too, sharing about the recent chaos in my life, as well as some of my views on relationships from my lived experience so far. 

In this 2nd part of the 2 part launch episodes, I touch upon: false promises, how it feels to go from being someone's "person" to a stranger again, the decisions we make, what commitment and responsibility mean, breakups and how we tend to blame ourselves when we've been broken up with, our shadows and patterns in relationships and more... 

I explore the widespread notion of "choosing ourselves first" and question it's validity. I also share some beautiful thoughts on commitment from one of my mentors, Richard Rudd and a few more passages from the ever insightful Marianne Williamson's book, 'A Return to Love'. You can listen to this episode if you haven't heard the first one yet. But, do yourself a favor, listen to episode #1. It has so much valuable wisdom from wonderful souls! 

All of life is a relationship, we are constantly relating with everything around us; giving and receiving feedback, projecting and being projected on... My sincere quest is to understand how we can relate better and truly love and be loved for who we are; because that's what I would love to have more of in my life and for everyone to experience. 

‘In the modern age, when relationships become very difficult, no matter how hard we may try to save the relationship, many of us find no other alternative but separation. However, when you really understand, you may reframe the whole purpose of the relationships in your life." - Richard Rudd

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Episode 2

Season 1

by Lilya Sabatier