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by Lilya Sabatier
You, Me & US

#3: You, Annida Kathuria, 23, world traveler ON: Love as flow & effortlesness


On this episode of You,Me & US, I’m delighted to have a beautiful and soulful conversation with soon to be 23 year old, Annida Kathuria - A Mumbai based world traveler who makes wonderful travel films. Annida shares her perspective on love & relationships and life experience so far. 

She’s currently single and has never yet had a long-term relationship. For her, a relationships is purely a collaboration of thoughts and an exchange of energy between people. She doesn’t believe in having multiple partners at the same time, it’s not for her. She’s what we could call a wanderer, approaching life one day at a time with an open heart and open mind. One of the major lessons she’s learned so far, is that each individual is different and that she doesn’t need someone to complete here. Together, we talked about what her relationships have taught her so far, the flow state in love and life, the idea of effortlessness in relationships, aloneness, and more...

Just a heads up, this episode was recorded online due to COVID19, and internet can be shabby on rainy days, so there are some minor lags in the connection at times, but nothing that will bother you too much. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to soak in the beautiful wisdom shared by Annida. 

‘Love is such a beautiful, pure expression, the only commitment it needs is of undivided love towards one another.’ - Annida Kathuria

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Episode 3

Season 1

by Lilya Sabatier