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by Lilya Sabatier
You, Me & US

#4: You, Namita Kulkarni: The patriarchy, female pleasure and sexual assault in India.


On this episode of You,Me&Us, I’m in conversation with Namita Kulkarni, a 35 years old, yoga teacher, writer, artist and world traveler, living in Bangalore/Mysore, India. In this episode, we touch upon many taboo topics in India, such as: female sexuality and pleasure, abuse, being a single Indian woman in your mid 30’s and the patriarchy! We dive a little deeper into the difficult territories of: sexual assault, victim blaming, and the responsibility of our communities to help women heal.

We also talk about self-abandonment, the importance of emotional intelligence, and self-esteem. Namita believes you date and relate at the level of your self-esteem. We talk about connection and our relational needs as a species. We touch upon ‘silent contracts’ and how they harm our relationships and how clarity might be the key! And we dig into the concepts of discernment and having higher standards for what we entertain in our lives. We try to see, how we can foster honesty and integrity in a breakup — and exit a relationship with grace.

She’s currently single. Her last relationship ended about 3 years ago and recently, she just got out of what she calls and ‘entanglement’.

Just a heads up, this episode was recorded online due to COVID19, and internet can be shabby on a monsoon rainy day, so there are some few minor lags in the connection at times, but nothing that will bother you too much. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to soak in every insightful word shared by Namita. Enjoy!

‘ A woman in her full sexual power is powerful.’ - Namita

Books mentioned by Namita in our conversation: Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer, Vagina: A New Biography by Naomi Wolf , She Comes First by Ian Kerner, Women's Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure by Sheri Winston. 


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Episode 4

Season 1

by Lilya Sabatier