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by Lilya Sabatier
You, Me & US

Introducing : " You, Me & US"


You, Me & US is a podcast hosted by me, Lilya Sabatier, a flawed human being on a journey to understand how we can relate better. Essentially, it’s an exploration into the vast subject of relationships. 

Did you know that the #love has been used over 1,8billion times on Instagram? 

On this podcast I’ll be having raw, honest, fun and insightful conversations with people from all walks of life; Whether in a relationship, single, looking for love & more. We’ll be exploring different kinds of relationships and relationship dynamics. Sharing our very human stories, experiences, learnings, insights, heartbreaks, triumphs, silver linings & all the things related to our hearts and close relationships. 

I’ll also be sharing my personal experience, contemplations on love & relationships as they arise along the way, valuable wisdom I’ve found through mentors, friends, reading, enquiry, conversations & more.

These are mostly adult conversations, suitable for all those who want to learn. 

As we navigate this very intimate space of sharing about our relationships and matters of the heart, the most important thing is mutual respect; Respect for people's perspectives and life experiences. It takes courage to share one's most intimate stories with the world. And what's more intimate than what's going on in our hearts and close relationships?

The aim of this podcast is to help each other navigate the delicate territories of the heart and intimate relationships, to create a space of honest expression that may add value to our lives and benefit our relationships. I hope the conversations and thoughts shared here, will spark something in your life, and will in some way support you to have a better understanding of the art of relating, of what's out there, what's possible and what other human beings are experiencing around the world. 

My hope is for all of us to learn from these real life experiences, to open our minds and hearts and gain new perspectives and understanding on the art of relating. Because, at the end of the day, we all want to love and be loved for who we are.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you’ve subscribed, rated and reviewed. It would mean the world to me! 

Love & light,



If you'd like to share your story and be a guest on You,Me & Us, please email me here: lilyasabatier@hotmail.com with the subject: You,Me&Us Guest.

Find me in the virtual space: https://www.instagram.com/lilyasabatier/ 

"What would be the purpose of an open heart if not to relate with others? Here we touch the essence of life. When you ask those who are dying what in their lives has mattered to them the most, they will almost always tell you the names of their loved ones and friends. Therefore we will use our relationships as our means of transformation. Wherever the drama is greatest for you, whether it’s your husband, wife, parent, child, partner, enemy, or friend, there is the place of greatest potential and magic. Deep contemplation on the way you behave in all your relationships will betray hidden patterns of resistance to your Dharma. These teachings are about letting go of your self-image. Where your Dharma is concerned, you can only surrender." - Richard Rudd



Season 1

by Lilya Sabatier