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by Caitlin Casey
Your Day, Your Way Weddings + Events Podcast

01. Planning 101: Start your wedding planning by answering these 6 questions


Season one is the Planning 101 season and it’s all about planning your ultimate wedding day from scratch! Wondering where the hell you should start when planning your big day? In this episode, we will answer this question and so much more. 

In this episode I share:

  • An introduction to me and my graphic design and event styling background
  • My own wedding story
  • How to start your wedding planning process, which involves you and your partner answering the following 6 questions, to help you both get on the same page:
    1. What are your guest numbers?
    2. Do you want it to be a formal or casual affair and what type of mood do you want to create?
    3. Where would you like to get married? What location or venue?
    4. Ideal season, date and time of day?
    5. Is there a key theme, colour, style or inspiration in your head?
    6. What is your budget?

This episode's “Quick Tip” is to remember to forget about everyone else and do what you want to do! If no one was there, if certain people didn’t show up or if it wasn’t going to get shown on Instagram, would you still be doing certain things? Continue to ask yourself this question throughout your planning and I assure you, it will help you make decisions on everything. It will also make sure you are not just including certain elements for the sake of including them, but that each part means something to you both. At the end of the day, your wedding is a reflection of you as a couple...if something holds no meaning to either of you, don’t include it, this will make for a much more meaningful day, full of the things that you love and care about.

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Thanks for tuning in and until next week, happy planning people!

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Episode 1

Season 1

by Caitlin Casey