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by Caitlin Casey
Your Day, Your Way Weddings + Events Podcast

02. Planning 101: Getting clear on your non negotiables and your wedding vision


In today’s episode, I’m going to help you get really clear on your wedding non negotiables, so the elements that you and your partner want to make your priorities. This will involve a lot of discussion and a process of elimination. We will also be looking at your overall wedding vision, explaining what this is and making sure both you and your partner are on the same page.

In this episode I share:

  • What wedding non-negotiables are and examples of things you could include in yours
  • Examples of my wedding non negotiables
  • The meaning of wedding vision
  • How to create your wedding vision by identifying two important things
  • How to come up with one sentence that captures the overall emotional experience you are trying to create and ensuring you constantly refer back to this sentence throughout your planning journey, in order to stay in check
  • The one question you should ask yourself every time you are making a decision for your day - “Will this choice help us create the wedding we imagined?” 

This episode's “Quick Tip” is - once you and your partner are clear on your non negotiables and your overall wedding vision, don’t stray from this. Always keep them at the front of your mind in EVERYTHING you decide. Continue to refer back to your “one sentence” that describes the overall vision and experience you are wanting to create and continually ask yourself the question - “Will this choice help us create the wedding we imagined?” Write them on a sticky note and put them at the front of your wedding planner as a good reminder, something to always reference throughout.

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Thanks for tuning in and until next week, happy planning people!

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