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by Caitlin Casey
Your Day, Your Way Weddings + Events Podcast

08. Planning 101: Wedding planner vs stylist vs coordinator and getting creative with your wedding style


In today’s episode we will open your eyes up to the many creative ways that you can enhance and add to your wedding style. We will also help you understand the difference between a wedding planner, stylist and coordinator, what each of their roles are and whether or not you would like to invest in any of their services.

In this episode I share:

  • The difference between a wedding planner, wedding coordinator and wedding stylist
  • What’s involved with each of these roles and when you should look to hire them
  • How to find the best fit for you and things to keep in mind when booking
  • 13 ways you can get really creative with your wedding styling, as well as lots of examples
  • Examples of the styling features we introduced to our wedding day, to creatively and uniquely incorporate our personalities within our festival wedding theme.

This episode's “Quick Tip” is - to Ditch Traditions! The key to creating an authentic and personalised wedding is to simply do things your way from beginning to end. While some wedding traditions can be sweet and sentimental, others might not fit your style. Instead of feeling pressured by what a traditional wedding “should” look like, draw inspiration from your own personality and relationship. This will ensure the end result is a celebration that feels unique, genuine and completely personal to you and your partner. Let’s be honest; with so many weddings to attend, your guests will definitely appreciate something a little different!

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Thanks for tuning in and until next week, happy planning people!



BLOG POST - Showcasing Creative Wedding Styling
Caitlin + Damien’s Big Day Out Wedding Festival

Wedding Highlights Film by OneHeart Studios
Caitlin + Damien’s Big Day Out Wedding Festival

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Episode 8

Season 1

by Caitlin Casey