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by Caitlin Casey
Your Day, Your Way Weddings + Events Podcast

09. Supplier Secrets: Michael Briggs | It's a celebration, not a photoshoot with wedding photographer Briggsy


In today’s episode I have the pleasure of chatting with born and bred Yarra Valley wedding photographer Michael Briggs, better known as Briggsy. He’s shot over 400 weddings and he truly believes he has the best job in the world. His goal is to immerse himself in your entire day, capturing it as honestly as possible, so you remember exactly how you felt, every time you look at your wedding photos.

He loves bringing an energy and vibe to a wedding day that enables his couples to have fun and spend lots of time celebrating with everyone, while also creating some awesome couple portraits that you'd be stoked to hang on your wall.

In our chat, we cover:

  • Briggsy’s wedding photography style and the mantra he believes in
  • How he fell into wedding photography and why he believes it’s the best job in the world
  • The often not very positive preconceived image people have in their heads about wedding photographers and how he’s breaking the mould
  • The biggest compliment he can receive as a wedding photographer
  • What he believes makes up 95% of the job and his thoughts on family photos
  • The one thing he does less with his couples, that other photographers think he’s crazy for
  • How he deals with the pressure and keeps his high energy
  • The pros and cons of a “First Look” and when you should definitely decide to have one
  • His surprising stance on “Unplugged Ceremonies” that makes total sense
  • His top tips for booking your photographer and ensuring you choose the right fit for you
  • How he endeavours to get the most out of his couples
  • Why he recommends booking photographers and videographers that know each other
  • He shares a couple of wedding horror stories - one that will shock you and another that starts out horribly but ends as a really good news story
  • His outlook on covid-19 and how it will affect the wedding industry 
  • The one piece of advice that he recommends in the lead up to your wedding day and on your wedding day that will make it so much better.

I absolutely loved this conversation with Briggsy - he’s so passionate and honest, as well as hilarious and he’s very generous in sharing his tips for choosing your photographer and things you can include on your day to make it even better and less stressful.

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Episode 9

Season 2

by Caitlin Casey