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Your Place or Mine with Shaun Keaveny

Guy Garvey: New York City, USA


Award-winning musician and lead singer of Elbow, Guy Garvey has toured the world, but his destination of choice is New York City. The undeniably impressive Manhattan Island certainly has the architecture, culture and people to inspire a songwriter - but can Shaun get over the lack of a decent curry or a cup of tea?

Your Place Or Mine is the travel podcast that isn’t going anywhere - not until guests can convince Shaun Keaveny it’s worth getting off the sofa for. Each week a familiar face will try to persuade Shaun and resident geographer, historian and comedian Iszi Lawrence that jetting off to their favourite destination is worth the hassle.

Across the series listeners will be able to figuratively globe-trot to a new destination, as guests share a personal guide to their favourite place on the planet. Iszi will be on hand to check out the facts during the podcast’s metaphorical tour of its visitors’ much-loved locations.

With all the missed travel these past two years, Your Place Or Mine will explore whether getting back on a plane is too much for our wallets and limited carbon budgets, or if seeing the world and experiencing global cultures is something we can’t afford to miss.

Your Place or Mine is a BBC Audio production for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds.

Producers: Proinsias O’Coinn and Jen Whyntie