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ABR Garage: Adventure Bike Rider podcast

ABR Garage Ep 8: New adventure and touring bikes for 2022

In the latest episode of the ABR Garage, the video podcast from Adventure Bike Rider, we discuss the most exciting new adventure and touring motorcycles to hit dealership floors in 2022 (individual bike timings below)  James, Bryn, and Ollie delve deep into the likes of the Ducati Desert X, the Triumph Tiger 1200, the Husqvarna Norden 901, and the Honda NT1100 among others, as they discuss which bikes should be worth a spot in your garage.   

And after much soul searching, the boys discuss their best adventure bike of 2021, as well the motorcycles they're most looking forward to riding this year. Which is the best looking bike? What one is perfectly designed for long-distance touring, and can a sports tourer win the hearts of the Adventure Bike Rider team? Find out the latest ABR Garage video podcast.

ABR Garage: Adventure Bike Rider podcast
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