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ABR Garage: Adventure Bike Rider podcast

Best Motorbike Touring Gear - ABR Garage Episode 11

Choosing the right motorbike gear, from a helmet all the way down to riding boots, will go a long way to keeping your comfortable and protected in the saddle. But get it wrong and that glorious summer motorbike tour to the Alps could quickly turn into a cold, wet, and thoroughly miserable ordeal. 

But where do you start? How much should you spend? And do you get what you pay for?   In episode 11 of the ABR Garage, the podcast from the Adventure Bike Rider team, join James, Bryn, and gear expert Ed Miles as they unpack their must-have riding gear for a motorbike tour.

From the pros and cons of flip-front helmets, to is it ever appropriate to break out those leather trousers, the boys discuss what’s worked best for them on their travels.  So, if you want to know how a laminated motorcycle jacket works before you splash out on one, or if you’re not sure whether you need adventure or touring boots,  this episode of the ABR Garage will help you prepare for your next adventure at home and abroad.  

Also stay tuned for an update on Adventure Bike Rider’s long-term review bikes including Bryn’s Honda NT1100 and James’ Suzuki GSX-S1000GT. And make sure you leave a comment letting us know your ideal gear set up for touring. We’ll read out a selection in the next episode of the ABR Garage and award our favourite comment a top prize.

ABR Garage: Adventure Bike Rider podcast
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