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ABR Garage: Adventure Bike Rider podcast

Motorcycle Tech Where Do We Draw The Line? ABR Garage Episode 12

This episode of the ABR Garage, the podcast from Adventure Bike Rider, is supported by Peak Designs a company that specializes in creating beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed accessories for motorcyclists and more.   

Find out more at: https://www.peakdesign.com 

James and Bryn discuss whether the ever increasingly sophisticated technology found on motorbikes is a good thing.  Is traction control a biker’s best friend? Do blind spot indicators make you lazy? And does any bike really need multiple rider modes? The boys also discuss their experiences testing bikes using active cruise control, keyless ride, semi-active suspension, and much more.   

Alongside highlighting motorcycles laden with technology, James also talks about his time testing the Yamaha Tenere 700, a bike known for its less-is-more approach to electronic rider aids.   And one lucky viewer wins a top Adventure Bike Rider prize. Find out if that lucky viewer is you.

ABR Garage: Adventure Bike Rider podcast
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