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Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna

Living with Depression, Talking About Men's Health & Winning Strategies

Two health topics that we tend to shy away from are on the show today. Elaine Crowley is probably best known for her work on Virgin Media television where she is currently presenting Ireland AM at the weekends. She joins Clare to talk about how she and her sister Maggie have recorded a series of you tube videos about Living with Depression and how to start small conversations that could make a massive difference.

Ray Cleary was part of a Men's Shed roadshow which talked about men's health, he shared his experience of prostate cancer with the group. He speaks with Clare about why men don’t talk about it more.

Jason Brennan is a psychotherapist who has provided training and coaching for large corporate companies, military and emergency services and in the field of sports. His new book written with Brent Pope is called Win – Proven Strategies for success in sport, life and mental health and Jason joins Clare in studio to talk about the key skills to increase resilience and wellbeing.
Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna
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