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Almost 30

Navigating Grief, Letting Go of Identities and Living Fully with Bozoma Saint John

Almost 30
Almost 30
The iconic business leader, Bozoma Saint John, comes on the show to discuss her latest venture—her memoir, The Urgent Life. She takes readers through the numbing days of multiple griefs and the courage which these sparked in her to live a life in accordance with her values. K+L have a meaningful, vulnerable conversation that, despites its heavy topics, still features a lot of laughter (one of the many reasons they love Bozoma). 
In this episode, the girls dive deep into why Bozoma decided to live life urgently. Her life has been encompassed by many highs and lows, one of which was the death of her husband, Peter. No stranger to adversity, Bozoma recounts life’s tragedies and how she learned to build a remarkable life worth living (even in her brokenness). 
Bozoma’s story is heartbreakingly beautiful, though many of its themes are not uncommon. Our hope is this conversation will inspire any listener who has loved, mourned and is finding their way forward, to live life to the fullest. 
We also talk about:

Being a Black woman in corporate America

Embracing her identity unapologetically 

Knowing when to make a career change 

Wrestling with the ego and learning to let go of identities 

Trusting the Soul to light the path forward 

Dealing with the loss of her husband and daughter 

Navigating and carrying two different types of grief 

How grief shifted her perspective on life and self 

The challenges of motherhood and pursuing a career 

Giving her daughter an empowered voice within the house

Defining urgency (Hint: it’s about intention!)

Learning to listen to your intuition


Read: The Urgent Life 

Website: bozomasaintjohn.com

Instagram: @badassboz

Twitter: @badassboz

TikTok: @badassboz

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