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Almost Adulting with Violet Benson

Change Your Perspective: SITUATIONSHIPS

Welcome to a brand new Benson Knows Best episode!! This week is all about changing your perspective as part of the second week of mental health month! We're starting the week with discussing situationships and ending the week with ghosting. 

Today, Violetta talks about letting go and saying goodbye to the person you think was for you but was never the right person for you to love. We will hear the story of a 2-year relationship and how the woman struggled to let go of a man who loved himself more than her. Listen in to find out the truth about painful goodbyes and why doing it now is better than later.

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:27 I was seeing a man for 2 years but he never committed
  • 11:58 My mom got cheated by her first husband
  • 15:08 Why doesn’t he want me?
  • 17:46 Goodbyes can feel less painful when… 

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Almost Adulting with Violet Benson
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