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Almost Adulting with Violet Benson

Confession Corner - REDDIT INCEST

What's the craziest Reddit story you've heard? There are so many wild tales on the platform, from heartwarming and uplifting to downright bizarre and unsettling. Whatever your taste is, there's no shortage of jaw-dropping stories to be found. 

Today, Violetta’s childhood bestie, Kylie, is back! And this time for another Confession Corner - Reddit stories. The girls sit down and react to stories about the accidental discovery of an 11-year old affair of a mom with her husband’s friend, incest in different forms and perspective, and discovering that the doctor whom you confided in your most embarrassing s*xual acts with a girl turned out to be that same girl’s father.      

If you want to be featured on the next Confession Corner call Violet at 424-278-4268 and leave an anonymous voicemail!

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:06 Story #1: My mom’s 11-year affair with dad’s friend
  • 06:51 Story #2: My older brother and I had been sleeping together
  • 09:33 Story #3: My boyfriend thinks all women are men’s property
  • 13:31 LifeHack #1: How to reduce the number of homeless people in your area?
  • 14:15 LifeHack #2: How do you avoid an annoying call?
  • 15:33 LifeHack #3: Save business cards of people you don’t like
  • 15:44 LifeHack #4: Buy the cheapest ticket ticket available
  • 16:32 LifeHack #5: How to block your spouse from getting a divorce attorney?
  • 17:34 LifeHack #6: How do you make the perfect lie?
  • 18:10 Story #4: I cheated on my wife and she has postpartum depression    
  • 25:00 Story #5: What’s the most shocking thing you experienced upon meeting your bf/gf’s parents?
  • 27:08 Story #6: My friend Steve’s b*nging his girlfriend and her family  

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Almost Adulting with Violet Benson
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