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Alpha Blokes Podcast

Ep. 229 - Trendsetter Talkback: The Cambodian

Alpha Blokes Podcast
Alpha Blokes Podcast

Absolute madness in the first instalment of Trendsetter Talkback for 2024. Cambodian absolutely on fire this episode, channelling his inner deviate whilst officially renaming the doot wax. The big Knuckler has a red hot fishing injury to kick off us off before diving into sword swallowing in Cairo, the rise of sex robots and even a chat with the doot doctors. An absolute ripper episode to kick off talkback for the year, enjoy legends!

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0:00 – Intro

2:46 – Knuckles’ Proper True Yarn

9:10 – Chucky at Dakar Rally

20:13 – Carry On’s

1:02:14 – Winning Yarn

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Alpha Blokes Podcast
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