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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

Night Shift #62 Open Lines (Member Preview)

In the 62nd episode of the Night Shift edition of the Believe Paranormal and UFO podcast, host Kade invites listeners to share their strange and unexplainable stories. Kade also discusses the possibility of opening an option for people to write in their encounters to be shared on the podcast. He explores the trends in UFO sightings, discusses camera quality for capturing UFOs, and gives an update on the podcast content in the coming weeks. The episode ends with an open line call from a listener named Shane, discussing camera capabilities for capturing paranormal activity.

01:27 New Features for the Podcast

03:13 Recap of 2023 and Personal Experiences

05:31 Technical Issues and Listener Interactions

06:09 Predictions for UFO Sightings in 2024

06:48 Discussion on Congressional Hearings and Disclosure

10:44 Listener Questions and Comments

11:39 Updates on the Podcast and Future Projects

14:04 Discussion on Recent UFO Sightings

21:58 Predictions and Speculations for 2024

29:51 JFK and Disclosure

30:08 Synchronicity and Coincidences

30:29 Discussing Ross Coulthard's UFO Insights

31:00 The Mystery of the Large UFO

32:05 The UFO Landing in the 80s

32:36 The Importance of Disclosure

33:42 Appreciating Ross Coulthard's Contributions

34:12 Engaging with the Audience

37:30 The Downside of Social Media Platforms

37:57 Orbs and Paranormal Activity

38:38 The Reality of UFOs

41:52 The Limitations of Camera Technology

44:18 Phone Call with Shane

52:30 Wrapping Up and Future Plans


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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
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