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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

S19E10: Living and Working with the Paranormal: A Mortician’s Tale

Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

In this podcast, host Kade is joined by a unique guest, Tahnee, a mortician who shares her stories of unusual activities in her profession and her personal life. They discuss how Tahnee's work environment, a funeral home, sees several unusual and possibly supernatural occurrences. Tahnee shares examples of auditory and visual experiences that she and her co-workers have encountered including hearing voices, doors unlocking themselves, and strange figures seen on surveillance footage. At her home, which was earlier inhabited by her partner Daniel's family, events vary from footsteps being heard to their dog reacting to an unseen entity. However, Tahnee emphasizes that they do not feel threatened by these experiences and quite enjoy this cohabitation with the unknown. Her partner, who was initially sceptical, has also started witnessing these events, effectively becoming a believer of the paranormal.

Time Stamps

00:53 Tahnee's Experiences as a Mortician

02:25 Interactions with the Deceased

03:29 Beliefs about Life after Death

06:02 Paranormal Experiences at the Funeral Home

08:41 Capturing Paranormal Activity on Camera

10:39 Unexplained Phenomena at Home

14:33 The Hitchhiker Effect: A Spirit Following Home

19:01 Unsettling Nightly Occurrences

19:17 Strange Behavior of Dogs

19:39 Living with a Friendly Ghost

20:19 Renovations Stirring Up Paranormal Activity

20:36 Mysterious Noises During Renovations

21:45 Hearing Voices in the House

21:56 Skeptic Husband's Paranormal Experiences

22:13 Ghost Tours and Unexplained Phenomena

27:51 Unusual Nightly Howling of Dogs

35:31 Returning to a Familiar Haunted House

37:54 Living Peacefully with the Paranormal

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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
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