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Do We Know Them?

92 - Jeffree Star's TROUBLING "Employee" + Sam & Colby's CONJURING Video Was FAKED?!

Do We Know Them?
Do We Know Them?

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In today's episode, the other girls react to the weird story about Jeffree Star's "employee" straight from the source before the ghost of this podcast appropriately takes Jessi through a supposed REAL ghost story from Sam & Colby's visit to the Conjuring House after it turned out that it may not have been so real after all....

FTC Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by ZocDoc. All opinions are 100% honest and our own.

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00:00 Intro

3:27- Jeffree Star's "Employee" Describes His Visit

27:02 - Sam & Colby's Visit to the Conjuring House

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Do We Know Them?
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