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Doings of Doyle - The Arthur Conan Doyle Podcast

Conan Doyle and Crime Fiction, with Martin Edwards

This episode, we are delighted to welcome to the podcast multi-award-winning crime novelist and President of the Detection Club, Martin Edwards, to talk about Conan Doyle and crime fiction.

You can read the shownotes here: https://www.doingsofdoyle.com/2022/12/33-conan-doyle-and-crime-fiction-with.html

Biography of Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards is a multi-award-winning crime novelist, the President of the Detection Club, archivist of the Crime Writers’ Association and series consultant to the British Library’s highly successful series of crime classics, and therefore uniquely qualified to write this book. He has been a widely respected genre commentator for more than thirty years, winning the CWA Diamond Dagger for making a significant contribution to crime writing in 2020, when he also compiled and published Howdunit: A Masterclass in Crime Writing by Members of the Detection Club and the novel Mortmain Hall. His critically acclaimed The Golden Age of Murder (Collins Crime Club, 2015) was a landmark study of Detective Fiction between the wars. Martin’s latest non-fiction work, The Life of Crime: Detecting the History of Mysteries and their Creators, 0traces the evolution of the genre from the eighteenth century to the present, offering brand-new perspective on the world’s most popular form of fiction.

Find out more at Martin’s blog: http://doyouwriteunderyourownname.blogspot.com/

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Doings of Doyle - The Arthur Conan Doyle Podcast
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