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For You From Eve

125. You are More than Your Anxiety: Ending the Overthinking and Fighting Your Fears

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel anxious and can't calm yourself down?

In this week's solo episode, Olivia lays down in her bed for a very comfortable and vulnerable episode. Olivia chats about 1.) How her overthinking turns into anxiety and how she handles it. 2.) Her favorite breathing exercises and mind meditations when anxious. 3.) How her devotional has changed her mindset AND Olivia goes into a "deep dive into the dm's" where she goes through the advice you guys asked in her DM's.

From talking about her stressful anxious week, to how she is gonna pick herself back up, Olivia gets into a deep convo with all of you.

Make sure you guys tune in every Friday for a For You Friday solo episode and follow Olivia on Instagram @foryoufromeve to be a part of the next solo episode.

Insta : https://www.instagram.com/foryoufromeve/

Where To Find Me : https://hoo.be/oliviaeveshabo

Website : https://www.foryoufromeve.com/

Intro and Outro Music : Prod by Matthew J


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