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Highest Self Podcast®

484: How To Heal After Heartbreak - My Step-By-Step Process with Sahara Rose

Highest Self Podcast®
Highest Self Podcast®

This is a vulnerable episode where I open up to share my healing process post divorce. Break-ups are never easy but they can be one of the greatest catalysts for our spiritual evolution if we truly heal.

In this episode, I share the step-by-step of my healing process from the grief portal to the types of healing modalities that most benefited me, to my greatest revelations, to my travels, to what I’ve learned through this experience.

If you are going through a heartbreak or have a friend who has, this episode is for you. I feel you deeply in my heart and know that you aren’t alone. This has the opportunity to become your greatest awakening to set you up for the life and love that truly meets you today.

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