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History Uncovered

History Happy Hour, February 2023

History Uncovered
History Uncovered
It’s the end of February 2023 and we’ve handpicked a few of our favorite history stories from this month. Today, we’ll be talking about:
The Death of Solomon Perel, who as a young Jewish boy during World War II joined the Hitler Youth to avoid being killed by the Nazis
The discovery of encrypted letters written by Mary Queen of Scots while she was in prison
A new study that examined Impressionist paintings and found they may have depicted air pollution
The discovery of a pendant belonging to the first wife of King Henry VIII
As well as a number of monumental historic anniversaries including the 110th birthday of Rosa Parks and the 100th anniversary of the opening of King Tut’s Tomb.
And we'll also discuss some incredible stories from Black history that we published in February, including Solomon Northrup and the 54th Massachusetts regiment
credits: https://allthatsinteresting.com/podcast-credits

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History Uncovered
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