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La Lechuza, The Creepy Witch-Owl Of Ancient Mexican Legend

History Uncovered
History Uncovered
Along the border of Northern Mexico and Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, there are whispers of a creature known as La Lechuza, a seven-foot owl with a woman’s face whose cries can be heard at night, enticing victims to wander into her clutches.
In some tellings, the Lechuza was once a human woman, but an act of cruelty committed against her or her child turned her into a vengeful monster. In others, the Lechuza is a witch’s familiar, serving her mistress’ will by abducting children, or perhaps she is a servant of Satan himself, one who feeds on the negative emotions of the humans who have the misfortune of encountering her.
In every version of the legend, though, one thing is certain — seeing a Lechuza is a bad omen, and not one to be taken lightly.

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