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Titanic, Part 4: Heroism And Despair In The Ship’s Final Moments

History Uncovered
History Uncovered
The Titanic was infamously touted as the “unsinkable” ship, a title that unfortunately came to be bitterly ironic. But in the wake of its sinking, that title came to be associated not with the ship itself, but with one of its most famous passengers: The Unsinkable Molly Brown. 
And Molly Brown was just one of the passengers on the Titanic who proved, in the face of unimaginable dread, to be a hero – a designation she shares with people like second officer Charles Lightoller, first-class passenger Noël Leslie, head chef Charles Joughin, first-class passenger Colonel Archibald Gracie IV, head engineer Joseph Bell, telegraphist Jack Phillips, first-class passenger Lucille Carter, and even the members of the Titanic’s band, who famously played on till the bitter end. 
Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at their stories and the moments of unfathomable bravery that unfolded in the ship’s final, harrowing hours.


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History Uncovered
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