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HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast

kennyS on his comeback; BLAST predicted; C9 kicking interz? | HLTV Confirmed S6E42

HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast
HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast

kennyS joins HLTV Confirmed to talk about his return to play (from G2 bench to Falcons), best AWPers of the scene, and current teammates. In other topics are HUNDEN getting unbanned, C9 considering interz replacement, the weapons & Anubis update, and a BLAST World Final prediction.

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0:00 - Podcast intro

3:11 - AWP update

Hot seat with kennyS

5:33 - Exiting G2 contract

9:56 - Reacting to getting benched in G2

13:27 - Is age a factor for kennyS?

20:38 - Attempt to go to VALORANT

25:15 - Would kennyS go to an international team?

27:19 - Starting with Falcons

32:03 - Best AWPers according to kennyS

36:02 - kennyS on teammates in Falcons

38:52 - “NBK is perfect” - kennyS

40:56 - Ozstrik3r - the French legend

44:43 - kennyS career quiz - Skinionaire by BitSkins

Recent news

52:49 - N1 Moment: device is back!

59:28 - ESIC lift HUNDEN ban… Wait, what!?

1:14:21 - C9 explore replacing interz

1:26:06 - Russians able to play Katowice

BLAST World Final

1:30:37 - BLAST World Final… in Abu Dhabi?

1:36:34 - Why is OG there? Issue with BLAST invites

1:47:33 - Heroic without stavn, land k0nfig

1:51:43 - Anubis debut

1:57:03 - Who’s the favorite of BLAST World Final?

1:59:52 - M4A1-S/AWP change impact

2:03:02 - NAVI's six-man roster with npl

2:04:29 - Outsiders' chances after Major win

2:09:29 - G2, Vitality, and other teams’ chances

2:11:40 - FaZe is a safe pick?

2:18:02 - Hardest AWPer to play against?

2:19:44 - Some words from kennyS

HLTV Confirmed is a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) talk show featuring Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill, Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin, and Milan "Striker" Švejda, with guest appearances from community members such as s1mple, device, ropz, Twistzz, karrigan, shox, GeT_RiGhT, JW, kennyS, smooya, YNk, Maniac, Pimp, and more. The show is based around interviews, breakdowns, analysis, and discussions about the esports and casual side of Counter-Strike.





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HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast
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