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HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast

TaZ's future & iconic moments; IEM Rio, Xyp9x not the problem? | HLTV Confirmed S6E58

HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast
HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast

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TaZ joins HLTV Confirmed to talk about his retirement and everything that came before: playing with VP, internal struggles, Mercedes drama, building teams, and realizing the time has come, and his future. Also, IEM Rio results (C9, FaZe, NAVI, Heroic, Vitality) leading up to the Major. Other topics are Astralis cutting Xyp9x (was he the problem?), the impact of age, lack of character and banter in today's CS.

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0:00 - Podcast intro

4:21 - Introducing TaZ

Hot seat with TaZ

7:22 - TaZ on retiring

10:57 - Impact of age

12:36 - “This will be most competitive Major” - TaZ

15:24 - TaZ builds boomer team

22:09 - Worst events of TaZ

28:21 - “I was so pissed” story

33:05 - “At VP, we had so many crashes” - TaZ

37:50 - “Support is good; anchor takes character” - TaZ

41:50 - Talking issues in team

47:40 - “Playing will fail for me” - TaZ on retiring

56:39 - VoxPop by 22 Bet: Taz’ banter

1:04:53 - TaZ calling girlfriend in tears story

1:06:39 - Decision to retire

1:07:52 - Future of TaZ

Recent news

1:14:42 - Paris live show tickets on sale!

1:15:49 - B8, EF, Viperio, TeamOne, Sprout change

1:16:29 - Astralis -Xyp9x: was he problem?

1:28:04 - TaZ takes Skinionaire: Polish-themed

Rio and beyond

1:35:50 - Runway to Major

1:41:06 - 9INE - new Polish hope

1:52:11 - Another C9 collapse

1:55:34 - FaZe in turmoil

2:01:09 - Vitality raises the trophy

2:06:21 - “apEX worst top 20 player except for HooXi”

2:10:10 - Heroic second, again

2:14:00 - Teams who can win Major

2:19:54 - NAVI: looking good?

2:25:15 - Opening matches of Challengers stage

2:27:29 - 50% partner teams limit?

2:32:15 - Today’s players are boring?

2:38:18 - CS lacks trash talk?

2:44:30 - TaZ exclusive on Mercedes

2:47:11 - TaZ retirement lifted the curse on Polish CS?

2:48:35 - Final words & next show preview

HLTV Confirmed is a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) talk show featuring Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill, Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin, and Milan "Striker" Ć vejda, with guest appearances from community members such as s1mple, device, ropz, Twistzz, karrigan, shox, TaZ, GeT_RiGhT, HenryG, JW, smooya, YNk, Maniac, Pimp, seang@res, CarlosR, and more. The show is based around interviews, breakdowns, analysis, and discussions about the esports and casual side of Counter-Strike.






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HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast
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