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Hold My Drink with Charleen and Ellie

First Times, Birth Control and Shaving: Your 'Big Sister' Questions Answered #67

There's lots of questions that we all have but you don't know who to ask or where to go to find the answers. They are the questions that you might feel awkward or scared to ask, or think that you should already know the answer to, so you don't ask at all. That is what this episode is for! From birth control, tampons, and shaving to first time doing the deed, consider Charleen and Ellie your 'big sisters' to answer your questions!

Not only are the girls answering these questions, but, as always, they are also answering your dilemmas in Secrets From The Stalls. What can you do if you think that guys see you as "easy" to get with, and you're not making any real connections with anyone? Should you confront your boyfriend if he's following and storing content from provocative accounts on social media? And is it time to hand in your notice if you're hating your job, but it's keeping you there for experience and money?
Hold My Drink with Charleen and Ellie
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