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How to Be Awesome at Your Job

847 : How to Enhance Your Team’s Greatness through Coaching with Sara Canaday

Sara Canaday shares the essential skills that help managers level up their leadership and engage employees. 


1) The surprisingly simple principles of coaching well. 

2) The two types of coaching and when to deploy each. 

3) A step-by-step guide to coaching effectively. 

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Sara Canaday is a leadership strategist and award-winning author who helps arm professionals with the practices and strategies they need to make the critical shift from informed to influential, from doer to driver, and from manager to leader. 

When she’s not speaking or working with her clients, she’s cheering on her son’s football team or hiding new shoe purchases from her husband and 20 year old daughter. 

• Book: Coaching Essentials for Managers: The Tools You Need to Ignite Greatness in Each Employee 

• LinkedIn: Sara Canaday 

• Website: SaraCanaday.com 


• Study: “Action bias among elite soccer goalkeepers: The case of penalty kicks” 

• Book: The Chrysalis Code: Becoming the Type of Leader Other People Want to Follow by Ron West 

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• Past episode: 431: Leadership Practices You Should Stop with Sara Canaday 

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How to Be Awesome at Your Job
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