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It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield

RHYS NICHOLSON NMF: "As Our Boners Disappear, Let's Watch A Muppet Cry"

First, Abbie needed to sort out her beef with comedian Rhys Nicholson (they/them). Once we got over that lil hump, Rhys gave us the best possible story in the world involving ... scabies. Tip: Don't google it.



Host: Abbie Chatfield @abbiechatfield
Guest: Rhys Nicholson @rhysnicholson
Executive Producer: Lem Zakharia @lemzakharia
Co-Creative Producer: Oscar Gordon @oscargordon
Social and Video Producer: Amy Code @amycode
Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh

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It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield
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