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KISS Life: Let's Talk About...

KISS Life: Let's Talk About... Gangs

In the final episode of the series, KISS and Alex Mansuroglu investigate why a rising number of young people are getting involved in gangs.

We speak to some of the people around the country working to give them an alternative choice – as well as a teenager who opens up about the struggles of leaving a gang once you’re in one. We talk to a lawyer about the realities of the justice system, and we hear exclusively from the mum of Jaden Moodie, one of the youngest people to lose their life to knife crime in 2019.

We also look at the work being done by groups like The Prince’s Trust to help break the cycle of gang crime.

If you are affected by any of the issues covered in this podcast, visit The Prince's Trust's website for more information and keep it KISS on how The Trust transforms young people’s lives.
KISS Life: Let's Talk About...


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